This is my small part of the web dedicated to my favourite way of staying out of my wife's way, which is by miniature wargaming.

Have been an avid borad/wargamer off and on for some time and my main area of interest is 20mm WWII. I have though like so many other gamers other areas that I like to dabble in and will hopefully be sharing them with the web...

My main wargaming aim other than to have large armies in all periods all well painted (!) is to try and encourage my soon to be 4 year old son to follow in my foot steps into gaming whcih to date seems to be working as he has already started painting figures.

Photos and hopefully plenty wargaming wise to follow.....

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Evening, here are a few shots of my finished terrain boards. With Major Howard giving the order to send out ham and jam above!

Am almost ready to finally play the game though have yet to paint a pill box and a position for the 50mm anti tank gun and to finish a few more German afvs for the RF scenario.

Will post some photos of the combatants shortly and happy to answer questions about the boards construvction alkthough alot of credit would have to Mark Evans for his guidance in making them.




Itinerant said...

Looks great.

Phil said...

Thanks for that. Cheers. Phil