This is my small part of the web dedicated to my favourite way of staying out of my wife's way, which is by miniature wargaming.

Have been an avid borad/wargamer off and on for some time and my main area of interest is 20mm WWII. I have though like so many other gamers other areas that I like to dabble in and will hopefully be sharing them with the web...

My main wargaming aim other than to have large armies in all periods all well painted (!) is to try and encourage my soon to be 4 year old son to follow in my foot steps into gaming whcih to date seems to be working as he has already started painting figures.

Photos and hopefully plenty wargaming wise to follow.....

Friday, 18 November 2011

Welcome to my Gaming room and should start my saying thank you to my wonderful wife, Jane for allowing me to have such a good size room inthe house for gaming. In my single days I had a 2 bed house with second bedroom given other for gaming so hopefully has not been to much of a shock living with a wargamer!

A quick tour my gaming table is a dinning room table from Ikea that I have 2 4 by 4 foot mdf boards to go on the top off. On top of thoise go my terrain boards that are slowly being accumulated and plan to do close ups off.

My armies are on a dvd shelf unit that found via amazon which is just deep enough to get a 15mm French bn in coloumn or two Afv 20mm, and has served to help inspire the painting as aim to try and fill it with figures.

The buildings are mainly from Colin Rumford, and am hoping he will re-start painting at some point so can add some more to my collection in the mean time trawl ebay for the odd bargin.

I have a scratch built Arnhem road bridge by Keith Warren and St Elizabeths by Paul McDonagh from Paul's modelling.

the reason there are plenty of troops lieing around on the other shelfs is they have to be based and finsished before going on to the unit -again suppossedly a tactic to keep me basing!

The painting desk and paints really speak for themselves and will be doing close up's over the next few weeks as well as outlining my gaming projects.

Any questions feel free to ask.

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Itinerant said...

always good to see these kind of posts, 'cause I'm trying to organize my room. Not so much gaming as modelling. I will post once I've made some progress on orgainization.