This is my small part of the web dedicated to my favourite way of staying out of my wife's way, which is by miniature wargaming.

Have been an avid borad/wargamer off and on for some time and my main area of interest is 20mm WWII. I have though like so many other gamers other areas that I like to dabble in and will hopefully be sharing them with the web...

My main wargaming aim other than to have large armies in all periods all well painted (!) is to try and encourage my soon to be 4 year old son to follow in my foot steps into gaming whcih to date seems to be working as he has already started painting figures.

Photos and hopefully plenty wargaming wise to follow.....

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

First British Bn


Here are the first quarter of the regt, have taken slightly longer than anticipated but have started on the next.

As ever all feedback is welcome.



Thursday, 24 January 2013

Jan update


Sorry for the delay in this weeks update but been trying to finish of my first 8 Brit Nap inf. with a fair wind they should be finished over the next day or so with photos to follow.



Monday, 14 January 2013

Weekly update

Evening First thank you for stopping by as the visitor count over the last few days has gone through the 2000 mark. This week have been mainly working on my 28mm Brits which hopefully you can see in the photos, they are almost ready to have their red coats finished and moving towards completion. The armour unfortunately has not seen much work this week but have joust spent an hour starting the basing process for a bn of 15mm French and a bn of 20mm Brit Paras. Still managed to paint every day this year and looking for an opponent in the Bishop Stortford area of Hertfordshire, if anyone is interested. Photos below hopefully Cheers Phil

Monday, 7 January 2013

Weekly update

Have been working on my Brit 28mm Nap which are making pretty good progress and have done bit of work on my Brit armour.

I have also so far managed to keep to my resolution of painting every day even if it has been a quick 15 minute burst!

Inspired by another blog after last years poor effort am aiming to paint 240 figures this year which will amount to 3 Nap units for my new long running project and for my Ww2 to finish of my Brit Paras for the first day at Arnhem. Also aim to complete 20 Afv s as opposed to the 4 I finished last year!

Also hope to organise a game or two!

Photos to follow.